13) Saturday – July 29 – Lindisfarne to Edinburgh

Everyone pitched in, finishing the clean up and load
Then down to the Lindisfarne Priory we strode,
For a traditional final Eucharist by the Saint Cuthbert statue,
(we had permission this time, so this was in no way a taboo).

We prayed for those back home who made possible this journey,
And all other pilgrims who prayed here previously.
Then off to the bus, and two hours north to Queensferry,
Where Karen McCormack, our friend greeted us kindly.
We boarded the ferry to what’s called “The Iona of the East”:
In the Inchcolm Abbey refectory we shared a picnic feast.
We did an “um” meditation up in the Warming Room
Then the tour of the rest of the Abbey resumed:
The Chapter House, the Cloister, the small Hermit’s Cell,
And some climbed the tower, who braved the narrow stairwell.
Then back to the ferry and it was off to the city,
We arrived at Fraser Suites, our Edinburgh hotel that was very pretty.
We walked down to our dinner right on the Royal Mile,
And the name of our restaurant made Todd and Patsy smile.
For we had secretly arranged for the group reservation at
“The Royal McGregor,”  — how appropriate is that!
We had a great evening, sharing stories and laughter,
Some energetic ones walked more in Edinburgh thereafter.


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