14) Sunday – July 30 – Edinburgh to Iona

Today is the long journey all Iona pilgrims will recall,
Bus to ferry, then another bus to ferry: it’s an all-day haul,
And once you arrive on the Iona’s shore,
It’s almost a mile walk to the youth hostel front door.
Will and Fr. Marty left early, luggage loaded in our van,
To get a headstart on groceries was our group’s plan.
Everything went like clockwork, and quite a shopper is Will,
The group helped us finish, then we payed the big bill.
The van was now packed from ceiling to floor,
There just wasn’t room for anything more.
Satnam and his wife transferred the group to the ferry pier,
And some feasted on seafood from a kiosk that was near.
The ferry from Oban gave the pilgrims great views and more
During the 45 minute sail over to Mull’s eastern shore.
Then off to the bus for the winding hour trip,
Will and Marty in the van driving at a speedy clip.
(For the last ferry to Iona was awaiting this very last coach
And Will and Marty were already there with the pilgrims’ approach.)
With Iona Abbey now in view, we ferried for the 10-minute ride,
Then began the walk over to the island’s north side.
Fr. Marty and Joan drove ahead in the van,
To get a headstart unpacking was pilgrimage plan.
But upon arrival there was John, and helpers Kristof and Antoine,
Working amazingly fast that soon unloading the van was done.
When the walking pilgrims arrived, we needed only to organize the food
After which a short meeting with John and the hostel staff ensued.
We settled in to the hostel with dinner, Eucharist, and prayer,
The long journey day is over — and finally we’re there!

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