17) Wednesday – August 2 – Iona (Columba’s Bay)

We set off for the pier a little past nine,
Some of the leisure walkers left early to get there on time.
Mark was waiting for us and preparing his vessel,
He and his son Stuart were anchored between Iona and Mull.
We put up the sails on this day with lots of wind and sun
And ‘womanning” the helm, Captain Leila had some fun,
We sailed down to the south end, seeing seals on the way,
The calm waters provided easy landing at Columba’s Bay.
We each found a rock, then the labyrinth we walked,
Then after placing them in the center, we ate and we talked.
Some climbed nearby hills and others foraged through the rocks,
And with the dark clouds approaching, Mark looked at his clock,
Saying it’s held off much longer than the forecast had said,
So we dinghied back to the sailboat, and then motored instead.
As the rain started on us, we came back up the coast,
Admiring the rugged beauty of the shoreline: this day’s a favorite for most.


1 thought on “17) Wednesday – August 2 – Iona (Columba’s Bay)”

  1. Dear Fr. Marty & 2017 Pilgrims, It’s been wonderful to live vicariously with you as you’ve traveled from Canterbery, Lindisfarne, to Iona & Columba’s Bay. Brings back wonderful memories of experiencing many “thin places” on that Holy Island where I felt God’s presence in such a truly mighty way. My thoughts & prayers for safe travel continue as you move on to your next destination. Miss you & can’t wait to hear even more about your pilgrimage when we’re all back together in Florida. Jesus loves you & so do I! Bobbie 🙂

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